How did you discover your passion for music and theater?

Growing up in Indiana, the “artsy” pool is small, or as some would call it, “nonexistent." I’ve always considered myself an outgoing, creative person and the best way I could express my emotions as a child was through sports. I played softball, basketball, and ran track and field. While I excelled in those sports I never got the chance to express myself artistically. Something in my life was drastically missing and that was performing.

After my parents’ divorce, I moved to Colorado with my absolute marvel of a mother who has supported me through everything, including wearing tutus to school (thanks, mom!). The second I landed in the Mile High City, she told me about all the opportunities I had there, including singing. She bought me my first guitar that Christmas. I performed my first musical that year and my pure joy for live performance began. The adrenaline you get from being on stage is like no other and that’s why I love it.

I auditioned for performing arts high school in Denver and began doing theater in and outside of school, expanding my horizons, doing as many shows as I could and then, I tried my first short film. The experience rocked and I decided I wanted to try exploring a new path: acting for the camera.

Why did you pick the Relativity School?

I found the Relativity School in Los Angeles and, while I hadn’t ever considered moving to California, I soon did. They were the only school that offered four years of on-camera training as a degree program, they’re located on an active film lot and the teachers are all industry professionals. The second I toured, I was sold.

It is here, entering my second year of my BFA in Acting for Film and Television program that I have further extended my passion for performing and even jumped into new endeavors. Writing and working on sets are now a part of my wheelhouse and they’re great skills to have in your back pocket. Relativity encourages me to create, audition and is prepping me for the industry whereas many other schools I don’t feel could say the same. The second I got here, they pushed me to create my own content.

Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

I hope to continue in the film/TV world and theater. Acting does not have one style; it is the human experience and I want to tell our story.